Benefits of working with our experts

  • Ensuring the entire recruitment process and visa processing in compliance with legislation and laws
  • High recruitment capacity in cooperation with ManpowerGroup offices worldwide and selected subcontractors
  • Ensuring the required type of testing and selection of candidates (including premises, equipment, interpreters, etc.)
  • Extensive experience in recruiting foreign workers in the Czech Republic and Slovakia
  • Detailed knowledge of the work visa process
  • Provision of our know-how for recruitment preparation and smooth handling of the whole process
  • Provision of additional services: transport to the Czech Republic, support in finding accommodation, translations, etc.
  • Providing interpreters and coordinators or on-site coordination services

Demand is growing for skilled and unskilled foreign employees for many reasons

  • Insufficient number of qualified Czech employees
  • Loyalty, reliability and quality of employees
  • Greater flexibility of employees

We are currently recruiting from the following countries

  • Bulgaria
  • Serbia
  • Macedonia
  • Philippines
  • Kazakhstan
  • Armenia
  • Georgia

Unqualified positions:

Production operator, warehouse worker without VZV, assembly worker, auxiliary work, etc

Skilled positions:

Welder, CNC machine operator, turner, miller, warehouse worker with VZV, locksmith, grinder, butcher, auto mechanic, body worker, painter, electrician, electromechanic, truck drivers

IT & Engineering positions:

EUS Helpdesk, SSC Specialist, IT Programmer, Technical Engineer

Search for suitable candidates

We arrange employment of foreigners both in the company’s core staff and in the form of agency employment, where the client also gains much desired flexibility. Employing workers from the European Union is easier than employing workers from outside it, but it still takes a lot of time and energy to sort out all the formalities. We help our clients with the process of fulfilling the information obligation towards the Labour Office when a foreigner starts employment and also when a foreigner’s employment is terminated. We provide comprehensive advice and support.

If you have experience of having your workforce come from outside the European Union, you will know how complex and time-consuming the processing is. We can make your job easier at this time too. Our services don’t stop at simply arranging employment. We help our clients with a wide range of visa processing activities.

Spain and Portugal are also proving useful for recruiting programmers and customer service staff. There, people from all over Europe work in the technology centres and often change their working destinations.

We will guide you through the entire process

We will help you ensure that the candidate has all the necessary documents before joining your company in the Czech Republic. We constantly monitor the latest news in the field of employment of foreigners and inform employers about exceptions and changes in the law. We ensure that every candidate is informed about his/her obligations towards the employer, the foreign police, the Ministry of Interior of the Czech Republic and other authorities related to the entry and stay of foreigners on our territory. We often accompany employees on their first visit to the Foreign Police or the Asylum and Migration Policy Department of the Ministry of the Interior to ensure the smooth registration of the employee upon arrival and the completion of the residence permit process. Our goal is to have the candidate join you as soon as possible, of course in accordance with the current legislation.

With our help, you will save costs, both financial and time, which are common when dealing with matters related to the employment of foreigners. We will help you with the entire relocation process and your HR department can get on with its regular agenda. With us, you will be assured that you will have fulfilled all your obligations to government institutions.

If you are interested in recruiting foreign workers or a consultation, do not hesitate to contact us!

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